We are an “unofficial” Cycling Club (read: a group of friends) based in SW London and we love steel frames. We enjoy riding our bikes around South East England on the weekends. There are a couple of guys who have a carbon road bike, but they own at least one steel bike as well (we are not that selective).

We are currently not accepting new “members” (because we are not a real club anyway), but if you want to get in touch, please use our contact page.

Once giants lived in the earth, Conan. And in the darkness of chaos, they fooled Crom, and they took from him the enigma of steel. Crom was angered, and the earth shook. Fire and Wind struck down these giants … but in their rage, the gods forgot the secret of steel and left it on the battlefield. And we who found it are just men – not gods, not giants, just men. The secret of steel has always carried with it a mystery. You must learn its riddle, Conan. You must learn its discipline. For no one, no one in the world can you trust – not men, not women, not beasts … this you can trust.” – Conan’s dad, from the film “Conan the Barbarian.